About Bill Owens Plumbing

About Bill Owens Plumbing - Cleveland, TNBill Owens started his plumbing career selling plumbing supplies in the early 1970s. In 1979 he started Bill Owens plumbing with one simple goal in mind - to give businesses and residents in Cleveland, TN the best professional plumbing services possible.

Bill is a licensed master plumber and over the years he has tackled every type of job, from small residential plumbing repairs to large commercial installs. Bill's years of experience allows him to tackle just about any type of plumbing problem that comes his way.

When his son Mitchell was about 7 years old, Bill started taking him to work after school and during the summer months. By the age of 16, Mitchell Owens was taking care of service calls by himself. He has continued to work with Bill, to develop his skills in a wide range of plumbing projects. Along the way, he got his master plumbing licenses and, together with his dad, have continued to serve Cleveland, TN and surrounding areas, with superior plumbing service.

In the year 2000, Bill and Mitchell began the transition of Mitchell being in charge of the company in all aspects, with Bill continuing to assist Mitchell on service calls. Today, Bill Owens Plumbing continues with the same high quality workmanship and attention to detail that Bill started with in 1979 - the same workmanship that has made Bill Owens Plumbing a trusted name in plumbing service for Cleveland, TN.

While Mitchell is continuing the tradition of excellence his father started with, he is constantly learning about new materials, processes, codes and ways to be more efficient and eco-friendly.

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